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The trend of the development of the printing industry
Date:2015-02-06 11:40

With the coming of the new century, China has entered the construction of a well-off society and realize the basic modernization to towards the stage of development; Facing the world scientific and technological progress and the new situation of economic globalization, China's economy for the future development of main characteristic is: one is economic structure strategic adjustment will be conducted, accelerate industrialization, at the same time time to promote the national economic informatization, the enormity of the task will be the future; The second is the reform of economic system will be deep, through the establishment of modern enterprise system and the positive share-holding system, to promote state-owned enterprise reform and reorganization, make the enterprise become independent operation, self-sustaining market competition main body; 3 it is will be further implemented, relying on science and education of science and technology education will have a greater development, through the reform of science and technology education, make it combined closely with economic construction; Four is to speed up the process of opening to the outside world, we will with more active attitude, in the field of a broader, participate in the process of economic globalization. China's printing industry as one of the important industry of national economy, facing new opportunities and severe challenges.


In the future a period of time, China's printing industry should be gradually implemented focusing on product upgrading of industrial structure adjustment; With technology upgrading technology, with emphasis on the structure adjustment; To speed up the construction of modern enterprise system for the organization structure adjustment; With emphasis on the strategic adjustment of state-owned economy, assets restructuring; For multinational management strategy, with emphasis on the international development space; To intensify development efforts in attracting foreign investment, with emphasis on the use of foreign capital area.


Future macro economic development planning according to the country, the material and spiritual needs of people growing, will put forward new and higher request to print, this is a rare historical opportunity for development of printing industry. At the same time, with the arrival of knowledge economy, the rapid development of network economy, the traditional revolutionary change will happen in printing industry, printing industry to take the initiative to meet the challenge, to adapt to this change, in the future new printing industry occupies its rightful place.


After China's accession to the WTO, the printing industry is facing the severe test of printing although our country had great progress, but there is a low level of productivity, the surplus, backward management, low labor productivity, product quality is not high. Overall quality is not high, lack of competitiveness, it is difficult to adapt to new situation in our country after. Solve existing problems mainly by reform and opening up and reform to promote open, open promote deepening reform, in order to speed up the development. To Ephraim and correctly implement the new regulations on the administration of the printing, continue to strengthen macro-control, promote the structural adjustment of printing industry, optimize the structure of the printing industry, creating the external environment conducive to the development of the enterprise; The second is to strengthen the management of the enterprise, makes the enterprise management mechanism, efforts to develop printing market, continuously improve the economic benefit. Improve competitiveness, want to rely on enterprise constantly efforts, and to improve the quality of the people and promote enterprise technology progress is the key to enhance competitiveness.


The development of printing industry, we strongly feel that, faced with economic globalization and information age, the overall trend in the development of printing technology is more clear, and will lead to a full of challenges and opportunities of technology revolution. We was provided the emphasis should be placed on the application of digital and network technology, the system to solve the printing process. The digital, networked, systematic and diversified solutions give full consideration to different users, categories of market demand, is the process of the modernization of the printing.


Books and periodicals printing further established the "many varieties, small batch, short cycle, high quality", market positioning, actively into the competition in the field of high-grade fine print, into the international high precision publications printing market. ZhunQi publishing journal further shortening publication period, gradually realizing the color. Cooperate with the education reform, gradually achieve the teaching material, the textbook of color and to the requirements of the book before class.


Newspaper printing pages, further CaiBao, early evening social needs, early out, a good result; According to the newspaper timeliness strong, printing production process is relatively concentrated, the characteristics of newspaper more sufficient funds, take the lead in implementing the new round of technological transformation.


Packaging decoration printing carrier to further expand the paper packaging printing, commercial printing, all kinds of high-grade packaging printing and diversification of moderate development of plastic packaging and printing, such as carrier to develop green packaging and printing.


Fast printing for on-demand, fast and personalized features of the new printing market is forming, good prospect, to timely organization development.


The eastern coastal areas in China by the rapid development of printing industry, has formed a number of printing province (city) or strong province (city), and continue to printing as one of urban industry, decided to speed up the development. With the implementation of the western development strategy, relative lag of original western printing industry will change accordingly, achieved fast development.


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