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Offset printing ink play "green" march
Date:2015-02-06 11:41

With the rapid development of China's printing industry and the environmental protection, health consciousness unceasing enhancement, more and more printing enterprise and customer paid attention to the greening of printed materials. For offset printing ink, in order to avoid add and solvent volatilization of heavy metals to the environment pollution, and damage to human body health, the printing ink manufacturers are heavily in research environmental printing ink. Current, no aromatic hydrocarbon oil-based ink printing ink, UV ink and plants has become a offset printing ink to the environmental protection of three direction, common played the "green" march of offset printing ink...


In the process of daily use, ink should not fade, color change due to light; Due to certain fastness, in the packaging process to flex and generally does not occur under friction loss; In the printing process, should have good printing overprint adaptability, printing surface when the drum shape with other surface adhesion; In terms of stability, require that can tolerate compound adhesive of solvent and packaging of the composition such as alkali, oily, but also can post processing of heat; Suitable for cold areas and frozen storage; There are other about viscosity, volatile, fineness and many other test items, has national standard related content, go here.


In terms of environmental protection, solve the ink in the process of manufacture and use of environmental pollution problems, is currently the most urgent issues. In many developed countries have made strict laws and regulations, the establishment of a strong control and monitoring mechanism, and constantly research and development all kinds of effective solutions, such as using environmental protection material, inhibit harmful pollutant emissions and recycling, etc.


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