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We supply custom rubber labels for fashion brands include PVC and silicone labels, which are flexible, durable and widely used in clothing, bags, shoes, car merchandise, keychains, packaging, footwear, surf and snow sporting goods etc. They provide a vibrant, eye-catching label for your promotion. Using these labels can enhance the look of your clothing by adding layers. Rubber material is characterized by its durability, longevity, and color stability. They are perfect for jeans, jackets, and other accessories, which usually need a more unique brand identification method than just woven labels.

Types of rubber labels
Silicone label
The raw material of silicone labels is silicone, the process to finish the silicone labels is to heat the silicone raw material to liquid firstly, then put the liquid into the customized model with the customer’s logo, the silicone labels will be finished finally when the liquid cools down to solid status. The silicone label technique is as same as the silicone bracelet. We provide the best custom silicone labels for your brand.

PVC label
PVC labels for clothing are typically sewn on the outside of garments, canvas covers, bags, and sports jerseys to advertise your branding image. Greatly valued added-look for any apparel item.
PVC and silicone materials are similar from the visual, in fact, they are two different materials, there is a big difference between the two materials. PVC material is not silicone material, the full name of PVC is Polyvinylchloride, and the main ingredient is Polyvinyl chloride. The silicone material is polymers made up of siloxane. They are typically colorless, oils, or rubber-like substances.

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