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Woven patches differ a bit from embroidered patches that are embroidered onto a base fabric. The entire patch is woven which makes for a very durable patch and we are also able to weave more complex artwork than can normally be embroidered. There are slightly less raised thread areas with a woven patch as well.

We supply custom woven patches which are continuously woven with thinner threads, and used for clothing labels and small patches that require high details. Achieve finer detail in the design and text of the patch. So they are great for who looks for detailed and high-resolution patches.

Woven patches are the commonest types of patches. There are some features that you can not neglect. Firstly, due to the patch is woven, they have a smooth surface with no raised texture. Secondly, since using thinner threads that are woven together instead of embroidered onto a fabric, the woven ones show every detail of the design and patterns. In addition, the woven one will have 100% thread coverage without cloth background showing, giving them an extremely luxurious look. It is these merits that make them ideal on hats, backpacks, jackets, and other delicate items.

Our custom woven patches can be made into any shape, including round, square, rectangular, and any shape you need with your ideas. Of course, customized backing options such as heat seal, iron-on, and Velcro are available. Besides, we recommend simple laser cutting rather than embroidering the edges for patches with complex edges.
Advantages compared with embroidered
Compared with embroidered patches, woven patches can be used in almost every way embroidered patches. Below are the advantages of custom woven patches, more information please check the difference between woven and embroidered patches.

1. High Definition. Even complicated images and smaller text can be woven in high definition.
2. 100% Coverage. Custom woven patches are continuously woven with thinner threads, so they have 100% thread coverage with no cloth background showing.

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