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Printed fabric labels for clothing
We supply custom printed fabric labels for clothing, the materials include ribbons, cotton tapes, satin, nylon tapes, polyester taffeta, and canvas tape. As a printed trademark, it is a kind of operation in printing. It is used for customers to know the materials and ways to wash your products. Usually speaking, they include a care label or called wash label, size label, and the certificate on the clothing tag.

Printed fabric labels help communicate not just your product parameters and variations, but also the originality and the image of your brand. Your labels can be sewed in or ironed on clothing for product identification, name tags, advertising, etc. They protect your brand’s integrity by printing your logo and business name on them. Clothinglabels.cn offers a wide range of customer service usually as the main label and care label. Many different fonts, colors, and sizes are available. Choose from our selection or create your own design.

Firstly, compared with the woven labels, since the printed fabric labels adopt the printing method, its color is rich and beautiful with high definition. So the product is more fashionable. Secondly, the production efficiency is high. Considering that, more and more garment factories choose the main labels for printing methods. It is one of the most widely used labels in the printing industry, not only for the clothing industry but also for outdoor decoration, footwear, metal industry, logistics, etc.

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