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Heat Transfer Labels
Our "tag-less" heat transfer labels offer modern looks and the highest level of comfort. Easy to apply with a heat press or home iron. Will never itch or irritate the skin. Perfect for active wear, t-shirts and undergarments due to their ability to stretch with the fabric. Your customers will thank you for choosing these comfortable, functional labels.

No sewing required! These "tag-less" clothing labels are the go-to option for close to the skin active wear garments, undergarments and light weight t-shirts. These labels are printed onto our heat transfer material and cut out to the shape of your design. The modern inkjet process allows for an impressive amount of detail. These durable labels are able to stretch with the fabric to which they are applied and are proven to last for many washes.

Application Instructions: Set home iron to medium cotton setting, no steam. Set heat press to 340 degrees F. Press firmly for 15-20 seconds. Let cool completely. Apply to iron safe garments only.

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