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Zipper Puller creates added value
- 2020-06-22

Simple zipper pullers, whether bearing your company brand or not, creates added value to your company.

Silicone Rubber Zipper Pulls

Zipper pullers are very diverse in design and can be used on a number of products. Utility packaging, jackets and coats, purses just to name a few. Zipper pulls can be made from metal pieces, woven, printed, puff filled woven, rubber or PVC. You can have your logo printed, engraved, embossed, de-bossed any size or shape desired. Metal colors we can make include nickel, brush antique, antique brass, gun metal, gold, rose gold, light gold, dark nickel, etc. Want it to be metal but a certain Pantone color to match your branding or logo? Let us know and we will work to get you the exact look you want.

woven zipper puller

Because there are so many factors to zipper puller design we must have artwork first to give proper pricing. There is no standard size or shape with zipper pullers which gives our customers the freedom to create exactly what they want.

silicone zipper puller

It is important to let us know what kind of zipper you are wanting to attach the zipper puller to.If the puller you custom design and order is too big and does not fit on the garments metal or plastic zipper then you will be greatly disappointed. The tiniest of details is important as we want you to be happy with your custom product!

Custom woven zipper pullers

If you are interested in getting a quote or asking any questions about more custom zipper pullers please just contact us here.

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