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Why Use PVC keychains?
- March 10,2022.

There are many kinds of keychains,there are Rubber PVC keychains,Embroidery Keychains,Leather Keychains,Acrylic Keychains and Metal Keychains .....

we recommend you to select the PVC material option if you are dealing with a more playful type of product or service. The flexible and colorful material is ideal for crafters, manufacturers, small retailers, marketing agencies, designers, brewering, tv producers, musicians, all kind of sport teams or businesses, among a larger list of other proffesions and industries.

What is PVC Keychain?
PVC keychain is a key chain made by the PVC material, which is a kind of decorative articles hanging on the key ring. PVC key chain has various shapes and is deeply loved by the masses. Soft PVC keychain also known as soft PVC keyring, PVC key ring, soft key ring, PVC rubber keychain, because it is produced by the epoxy process, it is also called epoxy key ring and micro-keychain.

Custom Rubber Keychains are not only soft, bendable, waterproof and long lasting but also they allow 3D design as they are die-made using layers.

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